ADM Stainless Inc. is a dynamic North-American company, experienced internationally and recognized as a leader in the design, fabrication and manufacture of equipment in stainless steel and other exotic matrerials. ADM Stainless Inc. provides a service to industries where sanitation, sterilization, corrosion and erosion are of concern

Founded in 1988 by the owner, ADM Stainless Inc. evolved rapidly into a significant service provider, designing and custom manufacturing a comprehensive line of stainless steel equipment and machine components. These include but are not limited to, stainless steel tanks, pressure and processing vessels, sterilizers, piston type sanitary shut-off and flow control valves, hard coated shafts and sleeves, wear rings and a large variety of custom coatings. ADM also offers custom designed skid-mounted processing systems.

ADM offers the finest and most up-to-date manufacturing facility backed by highly experienced professionals in management, designing, and shop technicians. The ADM facility is tooled with leading edge technology, including CNC/Mastercam equipment and tooling dedicated to high quality workmanship, resulting in an ability to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Leading edge technology, coupled with constant effort, considerable ambition, a passion for quality and great dedication to our customers, has allowed ADM Stainless Inc., to develop and grow. We have come a long way in twenty years.

ADM Stainless is a North American company specializing in the design, manufacturing and fabrication of stainless and other exotic alloy equipment and machined components where corrosion, erosion, sanitation and sterilization are of concern.

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